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Curriculum – Enrichment Activities

The Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center enrichment opportunities are an important part of our program. They are there to enhance and support our curriculum.  Any form of enrichment, particularly that speaks directly to a child’s natural interest and talent can give tremendous meaning and impact.

Enriching opportunities address the inner need to learn, achieve, and become really good at a skill. Feelings of achievement and success can lead to great inner strength that supports self confidence.  It can help children feel important and good about themselves; which is so important to the growth of character.

Enriching classes lead to intellectual growth, or in the case of athletics, physical strength and dexterity. Art and music lessons can increase eye-hand coordination; any of the arts can enhance creativity, brain development, as well as emotional development.

At PJECC, we get children involved in real work that is needed and therefore respected. Children cook and bake their snacks and birthday cakes, all healthy of course. Our music program is focused on experiencing music from around the world, as well as using professional instruments to compose their own music. The gardening program has blossomed and children are eating the vegetables that they grew. Children sew their own designs and take photographs of what interests them. Our science professor tinkers with physics since young children are natural scientists. Children are involved with art in many different forms; painting, drawing, working with clay, using natural materials, and building.

Being physically fit is definitely something that we care so much about. We have a soccer field where we play soccer and other sports. We hike regularly on our very own campus. We swim in the summer, and exercise at the beach throughout the year. We have our very own yoga studio where we dance, move and let go.

Through many different programs and activities, we at PJECC strive to let children discover what they are passionate about.  We then give them time and space to find that passion within.


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Morning Enrichment

Our morning enrichment activities are for all children registered in two year old class through kindergarten, on the days of those activities. These programs are included in your child’s tuition fees.
Our morning enrichment includes:

  • Yoga on Monday
  • Music on Tuesday
  • Soccer on Wednesday
  • Art Lab on Thursday
  • Challah Making in each classroom along with a fun-filled Shabbat Party with the whole school on Friday


Afternoon Enrichment

Our optional Afternoon Enrichment Classes are extremely popular with the children. We have many exciting classes to appeal to your child’s individual interests.  The children love our instructors who help motivate them to learn new skills. Classes are offered from 3:15-4:00 at a cost of $20 per class.

  • Mondays: Literature Everywhere – This class is designed for children to explore the wonderful world of children’s literature. Through active participation, children will read and discuss one of the classical or contemporary books written for their age group. The books will connect the children with real life experiences such as the holidays and the seasons around us. To enhance the pre-reading experience we will do an art project, science experiment or activity relevant to the theme of the books.
  • Tuesdays: Kids in the Kitchen – What better way to finish off the school day than with a cooking class! Children will get to create unique “culinary creations” while increasing self-esteem, independence and experiencing success with their cooking. Children will develop fine motor and mathematic skills while they learn to make healthy choices with the foods they eat by preparing their own snack.
  • Wednesdays: Geography – Children will be introduced to geography of land, air, and water! They will develop a sense of place and belonging as we connect to the physical and social environment that surrounds us. We will manipulate materials from our environment to give us a better understanding of where we live, create our own maps and journey through the continents all through engaging challenges and experiences.
  • Thursdays: Tinkering – Children are encouraged to use their natural curiosity, take risks, dive into exploration and prepare to develop and innovate their ideas. Tinkering facilitates engaging learning experiences that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) systems thinking and design thinking.
  • Fridays: Spanish – This class is designed to introduce children to the Spanish language. The children will be exposed to Spanish through sing alongs, playing games and making fun art projects. Through use of association and repetition along with creative techniques, the children will learn to feel comfortable and not intimidated by a new language.

Periodic Enrichment

We also have periodically outside programs that visit the school offering the children new and unique experiences.

Our periodic enrichment programs include: Petting Zoo, Olive Oil Press, Moon Bounce, Community Helpers and Beach Days.