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About – Our Story

Have you ever wondered how our PJECC campus developed into a place of curiosity, enchantment, and exploration for our children? Our history began 20 years ago when Chabad of the Palisades and PJECC opened our doors to the community. The renewal piece of our story occurred 10 years ago when the new property was purchased, and the marvelous details unfolded…

While collaborating with the administration about what we wanted to create, a decision was made to build a community where everyone would be welcomed, supported, and respected – including the children,parents, teachers, Rabbis, maintenance, and security. Once our vision was established, we needed to work with a campus that was ‘void’ – Can you imagine cement everywhere? We started with one little tree here and one little tree there. Thankfully, we had one community member who bought a tree, and another member bought the second. With the help of the boy scouts who came one year, our picnic tables were built – we use them until today, and they have come to serve many purposes. Through parent involvement and fundraising we were able to install one of our four grass fields, a play structure, and then another grass field. The school was beginning to take root – through a donation for shades, a fixed waterfall, and a gift for a children’s waterfall.

Our vision for PJECC centered around a place for children to play surrounded by beauty. Little by little, our campus took on a natural landscape with everyone helping and sharing ideas. Our classrooms were also designed to extend the soft and natural touch, with the intention of promoting an atmosphere conducive to creativity, engagement, and inquiry. The beautiful school that we now see has been developed over time with love and care. Every plant, every tree, and every flower were planted with the hands of friends. Our school has now taken on a’‘life of its own’.