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About – Our Classes

Infant Center
Being involved in the very early developmental stages in the hallmark of the infant class. With keen observation, the team of teachers expose the children to a mix of auditory, tactile and visual stimulation that provides a healthy “diet” of sensory experiences. Cause and effect are explored through multiple opportunities at the same time, there is constant exposure to language and gesture. Positive connections are encouraged amongst the well-rounded group of children while being aware of individuals needs with parents-teacher communication a bond is formed in the best interest of the children.

Gesher Class- Toddlers
There is so much to explore with Gesher children. Being that their motor, speech, and social skills are developing simultaneously, the energy of the group is full of excitement about life. Through lots of outdoor play including climbing and sensory exploration, the children interact with their environment. They enjoy the company of their friends and are learning to interact with them in positive ways. Through multiple experiences they begin to recognize their basic emotions and include compassion in their repertoire of feelings.

Juniors Class – 2 Year Olds
Joining the Juniors class in their expanding world, is coming to a place of creativity and imagination. The children gravitate to open-ended forums that include familiar symbols from their home and school life. While learning to negotiate, they scaffold from each other’s ideas. They adapt the basic skills of making eye-contact when talking to respecting their friends while engaging in various scenarios. They are also interested in how things work and are up for new adventures and information. Books and stories become more relevant to their expanding outlook as seen in their play.

Intermediate Class- 3 Year Olds
The Intermediate class incorporates the development of the children in all aspects of their discovery-based learning. Using their natural sense of curiosity as well as an exposure to a variety of rich experiences is the hallmark of this age group. Inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources including museum art children’s literature. Through individual and group work many opportunities arise for connection, expression, and negotiation. Manipulating loose parts and other open-ended materials encourage creative problem solving. An expansion of their world view occurs hand in hand with a purposeful engagement with the surroundings.

Senior Class-4 Year Old/TK Class
One of the special characteristics of the Senior class is their growing sense of independence. They take pride in their activities and flourishing skills as seen in their work and play. Through the endless opportunities of daily experiences, the children display more and more confidence, determination, and goal-seeking. Their communication and problem-solving with peers become more fine-tuned as their collaboration and team efforts show positive results. Through discovery-based learning their investigations become meaningful and connected to their previous explorations.