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Curriculum – School Events


We love to celebrate Birthdays at school!!

One of the highlights of birthdays at PJECC is that your child will have the opportunity to be the Shabbat Imma or Abba (Mother or Father) for their birthday at our weekly Shabbat Party. Shabbat parties are always a high point of the week in our school and the child who is Shabbat Imma or Abba really gets to play an important part and gets to be the one to help us usher in the Shabbat experience in school!

The other PJECC children also make books for the birthday girl or boy, filled with drawings and artwork that wish each birthday girl or boy special birthday wishes. Your child will also get to decorate their own birthday crown. Parents are encouraged to create a collage of pictures of your child to present to their class. We will celebrate your child in school the week of your child’s birthday.

In order to make the party special, we will have your child bake his favorite cake with his friends. It is definitely a memorable experience.


Family Get-Togethers:

During the course of the year we plan many exciting family holiday get-togethers; Family Shabbat Dinner, Thanksgiving Family Celebration, Chanukah Spirit Week, Dinner with Dad, Tu B’Shvat Tree Planting, Purim Carnival, Passover Model Seder, and Lag B’Omer Family BBQ, Mother’s Day Breakfast, End of Year Celebration are some of the events at school that we celebrate together.