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About – Our Educational Environment

Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center’s spacious coastal location on a 2.5 acre campus is surrounded by beauty where nature meets nurture. Our campus creates an environment of space, peace and harmony. Our children enjoy interacting with the natural environment and with natural elements. They do so because of the overwhelming play potential of the outdoors which provokes their curiosity. Natural materials provide an infinite number of possibilities and convey a sense of calmness and tranquility for both children and adults.

Our Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms are our “third teachers”. Everything in them provides an opportunity for learning and growing. We set up an environment with materials and elements to manipulate and create with. This provides an invaluable opportunity for young learners to experience and develop their critical thinking skills at an early age.

Our School is safe, modern and equipped with all the requisite amenities of a first-class preschool, including bright classrooms, indoor play areas and outdoor playgrounds.

Our Classrooms are bright, warm and natural. The walls are decorated solely with our children’s creative work, documenting their learning experiences and interactions with their environment. Materials are easily accessible, uncluttered and inviting.  Every resource is carefully considered for it’s purpose. We aim to create a welcoming, nurturing, home like environment which respects the need for comfort and a place to pause, for both children and adults alike.

We bring our indoor classroom outside so that our children can enjoy reading, art, dramatic play and building, all while being inspired by our sunny California weather.

Our Large Outdoor Spaces offer an array of activities for children to enjoy. We have interactive equipment where children can climb, slide, imagine and socialize. Our sandbox is large enough to contain our play structure, a real boat, authentic house and kitchen area, plants, trees and more.

We have an outdoor art studio and while we have an indoor kitchen, we do all our cooking and baking preparations outdoors.  Our outdoor music center is a wonderful place for our children to play and compose music.  Our garden spreads throughout our yard so our  children can involve themselves organically with nature. Our soccer field, hike, waterfall and our very own yurt gives children abundant room to develop and grow.

Our close proximity to the beach enables us to visit the California coast often.

Early childhood environments should 
be inviting and cultivate children’s curiosity, wonder and imagination.
- Curtis and Carter

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